I want to make copies of my SD-card while the Raspberry Pi is running. RPI-clone is the tool I use.

I made a temporary folder. I did a cd command to that temporary folder and executed
git clone https://github.com/billw2/rpi-clone.git
cd rpi-clone
sudo cp rpi-clone rpi-clone-setup /usr/local/sbin
After that I removed the temporary folder.

Since the USB ports in the Raspberry Pi are so close to each other a had to make my USB-sticks a bit slimmer so the fit next to eachother.

Now I can use a USB-adapter for my spare SD-card.

With command lsblk I check that sdc is the allocated device. With command rpi-clone sdc the running SD-card is copied to the spare SD-card.

With the USB Image Tool I can maken an image file om my PC. When completed I zip the image file so it has a reasonable size.