NextCloud on the (Android) smartphone

From the Google Playstore you can install the Nextcloud application on your Smartphone.
After entering your Nextcloud URL, log in to Nextcloud. At settings you can check Automatic upload so that, for example, photos and videos from the smartphone are transfered to the Raspberry pi. However, you must configure the app in Android as auto-start, otherwise nothing will happen until you open the app manually.
N.b. Only actual photos/videos are transferred. The older ones are ignoerd.

For the PC, go to After entering your Nextcloud URL, log in to Nextcloud. On Windows, Nextcloud becomes a folder in Windows Explorer.

Now we have 4 places we photos/videos can be added/remoeved

  1. The file system on the Rasberry Pi.
  2. The nextcloud web interface
  3. The Desktop app on the PC
  4. The app on the smartphone

Be careful with that.
I learned the hard way that it is not wise to use the file system. I had errors on my desktop app because the smartphone app was out of sync with the Raspberry PI.

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