The enviroment

You can operate the Raspberry Pi on the Pi itself.
But you probably have, like me, a desktop PC with the keyboard and mouse attached to it.
Switching them between Pi and PC is always annoying, so you will want to control the Raspberry Pi from your PC. Windows 10 Pro is the OS installed on my PC.

Both the Raspberry Pi and the PC are connected to my local network via an ethernet cable. I do not use the Raspberry Pi Wifi.

You can access the Graphical User Interface of the Raspberry Pi from the Windows PC via the Remote Desktop (mstsc) of Windows 10. I’ve configured it, but never use it.

I have also activated the Windows 10 OpenSSH client, but I also rarely use it.
I also installed WinSCP in combination with PuTTY on my PC.
That is the interface that I normally use. I use Notepad ++ as the text editor of WinSCP. So SFTP is the protocol I normally use to access the Raspberry Pi.

If you opt for internet access of the Raspberry Pi Nas then it is essential that your Internet provider has attached a fixed IP-address to your router !!

You also need you own internet domain. On the website of the company that registers your domain you have to attach your domain to the fixed IP-address of your router.

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